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Salman Solutions is a luxury-oriented, service providing advisory firm that offers cross-industry networking, consulting, and strategic planning to our clientele. We have arrangements with an array of service professionals ranging from investors, sales strategy and business development specialists, publicists, financial advisors, manufacturing agents, accountants, and legal and corporate structuring authorities. Together we employ a collaborative approach that allows a business to grow exponentially with the aid and guidance of experts whose breadth of knowledge and experience would otherwise be unattainable or financially exhaustive. This allows our clients to act swiftly and ahead of existing or developing market trends.

Our clients also provide invaluable, relevant, and collaborative insights for other members of the Salman Solutions family, thereby creating an evolving, dynamic, and creative environment conducive to problem solving and growth.

Utilizing a dual-method strategy, we approach business challenges from both a creative and a logical standpoint. Through our international reach and exemplary vision, Salman Solutions fully commits to our clients, enabling them to take their businesses to the next level and beyond. We uniquely craft teams, solutions and processes to realize success. When our work is complete, that business is healthier than when we found it, and the client is able to address, realize and achieve future opportunities.

Samira Salman is the Founder and President of Salman Solutions. A natural strategic planner and business development expert, Samira successfully collaborates with many business types to guide them in navigating the ever-evolving global marketplace. Samira harnesses 15 years of exceptional experience in corporate and tax law, non-profit leadership, and participation in international relations missions to devise best-practices strategies and tailored team building for each client. An avid learner, Samira continually educates herself on developments that impact her clients and their marketplaces. With an unprecedented approach of combining vast knowledge and experience across many different areas with a diverse, globally-influenced perspective, Samira yields solutions that catapult beyond any standard method:  Salman Solutions.

Samira began her professional career with Arthur Andersen, LLP in the mergers and acquisitions tax structuring practice. Her experience in drafting tax opinions, performing corporate tax due diligence analysis, and structuring entities provides a strong foundation for her mastery of the interconnectivity between the key aspects of any successful business. Samira transitioned to Deloitte & Touche, LLP to develop experience while assisting clients in anticipating, preventing, managing, and resolving tax controversies.

Through identifying target clients, utilizing aggressive networking and elite affiliations, managing proposals, closing deals, and cultivating on-going trusted business advisor relationships, Samira developed a significant amount of business. To expand her exposure and stature, Samira accepted a position at KPMG, LLP in their Oil and Gas federal tax consulting practice. There she provided domestic and international tax as well as Sarbanes-Oxley consulting services to multi-national energy clients. Samira also worked with KPMG leadership to develop the Global Oil and Gas Centers of Excellence in Houston, TX. To further develop her extensive career in Energy, Tax, and Business Consulting, Samira transitioned to Shell Oil Company as Tax Counsel for Downstream Businesses and Corporate Structure: Retail Stations, Pipelines, Lubricants (Pennzoil and Jiffy Lube), and the tax focal point for Shell’s Research Tax Credit advice and yearly study.

Contact us so that we may answer any questions or to discuss possible alliances, synergies, and service opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you. or 713.818.5840.